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I use face masks religiously. Every Sunday evening, after cleaning my home and doing all of my laundry, I do a face mask like clockwork. I find that face masks help me unwind and relax, feel good on the skin, and give me that little boost I need at the beginning of the week. I also find that the ritual of putting on a face mask is really relaxing, and encourages me to let go of the past week’s stress and focus on the upcoming week.

I was fortunate enough to receive the Discovery Kit from Complex Beauty to try some of their masks, which launch with the rest of their line in November 2016. Complex Beauty focuses on organic, cruelty-free, effective formulas that use really good ingredients to treat and repair the skin. The ingredient lists for the different masks read like a recipe you’d shop for at Whole Foods – all identifiable ingredients whose purposes are tried and tested.


My favorite mask that I received was the Rose Glow Glycolic Mask. This was the first mask I reached for and I’ve used it three times since my first use – it’s just that good. The mask itself is a thinner, more liquid texture and applies in a thin layer on the skin. Within ten minutes, the mask tightens, leaving behind a really nice firming effect. The Rose Glow mask contains rose water, glycolic acid, and mannan gum; these ingredients help to hydrate, even out your complexion, exfoliate away dead skin, and infuse your skin with radiance. You’ll notice some tingling with this mask – that’s the glycolic acid in action. This is the kind of mask you should throw on before doing makeup for an event – it leaves the skin free of redness, it calms blemishes, smoothes away dry patches, and leaves behind the softest, most luminous skin I’ve ever had. This is hands-down my new favorite mask of all time – if I could use it every day, I would.


I also really love the Baby Face Purity Mask. This one contains a ton of organic ingredients and vitamins like organic aloe, organic olive fruit and jojoba seed oils, botanical hyaluronic acid, activated charcoal, vitamins E, C ester and B5, and pomegranate seed extract. These ingredients work with the others contained in the mask to soften the skin, clear up blemishes, and hydrate the skin. The texture of the Baby Face mask is similar to the Rose Glow mask in that it’s thin and more of a liquid, but it doesn’t tighten as it dries down. This mask left my skin feeling really soft, smooth, and silky; I even skipped primer the day after using this mask, because my skin was so smooth. I also find this mask to be super hydrating – more hydrating than any other mask I’ve ever used. I noticed my skin was less red after using this mask (although the clarity didn’t last as long as it did with the Rose Glow mask) and my skin felt really clean after using this product.


The Godmother Enzyme Mask is an interesting one – and take my review with a grain of salt, because I think I am forever tainted by how much I can’t stand the scent of pumpkin. This mask is a pumpkin enzyme mask that contains ingredients like pumpkin, vitamins C and E, glycolic acid, organic orange, nutmeg powder, and others to leave behind brighter, smoother, and clearer skin. This is another mask that tingles on the skin; the texture is definitely thicker and more akin to a traditional mask than the Rose Glow or Baby Face masks, which makes application a bit easier. I did notice my skin was softer and felt smoother after use, but I really couldn’t get past the pumpkin scent. If you don’t mind the smell of pumpkins, this mask will do you well – but my extreme dislike for that scent means this won’t be one I’ll be reaching for again.


The Ocean Potion Mineral Mask is more akin to your traditional clay-style face mask, in that it applies as more of a cream texture but dries down to hard mask that is powdery to the touch. It contains ingredients like an ocean complex, organic dandelion, kelp, and irish moss, and aims to nourish and soothe the skin. This mask definitely does calm irritated skin, and it left my skin feeling really clean and smooth after washing it off. I will say that it did dry my skin out a bit more than the other masks I tried, but it was nothing a little moisturizer couldn’t fix. I’ve been using this as a spot treatment for acne and irritated red skin to help alleviate some of the redness and coax stubborn acne to a head.


If you have dry skin – especially with the colder months upon us – the Thirst Quencher Hydra Mask will be your best friend. It really hydrates the skin – the organic aloe, botanical hyaluronic acid, organic rosehip and jojoba oils, among the other ingredients – really pack a punch when it comes to moisturizing and retaining that hydration. This mask leaves the skin smooth and soft; it also helps to alleviate dryness and irritation. The mask is a gel consistency and stays that way while you wear it, which allows the moisture to really lock in and quench dry winter skin. This is a must-have for my dry-skinned readers – it leaves the skin moisturized and luminous.


The Smooth Operator Antioxidant Mask aims to nourish, detoxify, and leave behind more youthful skin. It contains glycolic and lactic acid, vitamin C, organic licorice and wildcrafted green tea, among other ingredients, to infuse the skin with really nourishing natural exfoliants and skin plumping ingredients. You’ll notice I haven’t tried this mask yet; because I don’t have a huge problem with aging in my skin (yet!), I’m going to be passing this mask along to my mom to try so I can really provide a thorough update on how it helps with anti-aging after she’s had a chance to use it.


The Complex Beauty line launches in November – and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend all of the masks I tried depending on what your skin concerns are. I love the emphasis on natural and organic ingredients, and I love the thoughtful way these different masks were created with specific emphasis on targeting different skin conditions and concerns. The masks feel like a complete collection; there is something here for everyone. My absolute favorite of the masks is the Rose Glow Glycolic Mask – this just transformed my skin in one use, and will be a steadfast favorite going forward, but I highly recommend the masks I tried to anyone who is looking to target the specific skin concerns each mask addresses. The only mask I’d add a little “caution warning” for is the Godmother mask – that pumpkin smell is just something I could not get past!

What are you going to be picking up from the Complex Beauty launch? Let me know in the comments below!

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